Judgment Day – Then and Now

My understanding of the final judgment has changed quite a bit over the years. As a young Christian, I was taught that we would be judged by God immediately after death, and that the criterion for the judgment was our faith in Jesus. Those who had accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior would […]

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The Greatest Gift of the Spirit

What’s the greatest gift of the Spirit? It depends who you ask. For some people, speaking in tongues seems to be the greatest spiritual gift. Some even go so far as to teach that speaking in a previously unknown tongue is the “initial evidence” that a person has received the Holy Spirit – and that […]

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“Help My Unbelief!”

  I’ve had some pretty amazing spiritual experiences over the last couple years. I have been visited by many saints in heaven, including some I knew as mortals. I have had many out-of-body experiences, and have sometimes journeyed to other times and places while awake. I have had some very vivid experiences with the Holy […]

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Can God Be Known?

Can God be known? Or is God forever a mystery, completely beyond what humans can comprehend? The Bible gives us some insight on this in the book of Acts. When he is brought before the Greek high court and asked to explain himself, Saint Paul starts by telling the Athenians, “I see how extremely religious […]

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“You Are Not Exempt”: What Jesus Showed Me About the Collective Nature of Sin

I have a confession to make: I don’t like public confession of sins. Confession to a priest has always seemed unnecessary to me, since I believe we can confess directly to God – and receive absolution directly from God. But even the corporate confession of sin in the Catholic, Orthodox and Episcopal liturgies has bothered […]

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