You Might be Episcopalian

As many of you may know, I was recently confirmed in an Episcopal church. It’s been an interesting journey getting to this place, and I have found that Episcopalians are a very interesting bunch – and for the most part, we have a good sense of humor. With that in mind, here are some humorous (but […]

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Am I in the Right Place?

  How do I know I’m in the right place, spiritually speaking – that I’m where God wants me to be at this point in my life? How do I know that God is with me right now, in this moment? As I work to discern and answer a call to some sort of pastoral […]

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Some Holy Foolishness

  A couple months ago, I looked at my calendar and realized that Easter Sunday and April Fools’ Day fall on the same day this year. How appropriate, I thought. God is trying to show us something! It’s possible, of course, that this is a coincidence. But I don’t think so, and for good reason: […]

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Your Guns Won’t Save You

I had a pretty disturbing dream not that long ago. In this dream, my brother and I were at some sort of large Christian festival. The particular worship gathering we were at was outdoors, and there were thousands of people there. As we looked around, we saw that many of the people there had guns […]

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The Real Meaning of Lent

According to a story I once heard, a man needed his house repainted – and he wanted it all painted red. It just so happened that the painter the man hired was a real cheapskate, and only bought one can of red paint. He figured he could paint the whole house with it, watering it […]

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Teaching with Authority

  What does it mean to teach with authority? According to the gospel of Mark, people in the synagogues were impressed with Jesus’ teaching, “for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes” (Mark 1:22). The word translated here as “authority” is the Greek exousia (Strong’s #1849), which can also mean […]

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