What Eclectic Spirituality Sounds Like

Music has always been a big part of my life. It’s one of the most natural ways for me to express myself; and as I’ve gotten closer to God, it’s become a very important part of my spiritual life and journey.

Unfortunately, most contemporary Christian music just doesn’t do it for me. Most Christian rock seems bland and uncreative to me; and finding a message with any theological depth is rare indeed. Contemporary Christian music is often mocked by secular culture, and for the most part I think it deserves it!

And for those of us whose faith is a bit unconventional by contemporary Christian musical standards (meaning it doesn’t conform to the theological or cultural norms of white, evangelical Protestantism), it often seems like we don’t have a voice.

There are, however, some people out there who are making  spiritual music of a more eclectic, experimental sort.

There’s the Illalogicalspoon, an experimental Christian folk band that started in Jackson, Michigan. The Spoon incorporates elements of punk rock, blues, gospel and even classical music into its sound, and its spiritual message is heavily influenced by anarchist and primitivist thought. (link: http://www.theillalogicalspoon.com)

There’s Coriolis, an industrial/goth band with Eastern Orthodox theology and a strong concern for social justice woven into its dark soundscape. (link: http://www.reverbnation.com/coriolis)

There’s Timbre, a harpist and singer who writes about  Christian mystical themes. (link: http://www.timbre.bandcamp.com)

And then there’s my band, Streaking in Tongues – an experimental rock band with many spiritual influences, including Wesleyan piety, Christian mysticism, New Age practices, and even a bit of Native American shamanism  – though not all of these influences can be detected in the lyrics. (link: http://www.streakingintongues.com)

There are certainly many more eclectic spiritual musicians I’m leaving out, and I welcome any additions to the list; but listen to these artists, and I guarantee you will hear something unlike anything you’ve heard before!


(Coming Next: “Why Are You Letting This Happen?”: The Living God and the Problem of Suffering)


2 thoughts on “What Eclectic Spirituality Sounds Like

  1. Try Plumb. They are a crossover band. And I find a lot of references to God and images of him in many secular artists. I should send you my spotify God mixes.


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