Today is the Day!

One of the biggest objections to universal salvation is the idea that somehow, believing everyone might be saved makes evangelism unnecessary. “Many of the greatest missionaries used the threat of hell as part of their message,” some Christians say. “If everyone eventually gets to heaven anyway, what’s the point of being a Christian, or living […]

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“Who Do You Say I Am?”: Contemporary Christianity and the “Scandal of Particularity”

In three of the four gospels, Jesus asks His disciples a very provocative question: “Who do you say I am” (Matt 16:15, Mark 8:29, Luke 9:20)? The question is an important one for Christians. Indeed, who we say Jesus is says a lot about how we have come to understand God. Our entire religion hinges […]

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What’s My Religion?

About a year ago, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening. Prior to that time, I thought I knew what I believed. But all of that was shattered by two related events – the death of my girlfriend Christina in November of 2014, and a mysterious spiritual “visit” I got from her in September of 2015. […]

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