Further into the Odd: My Goals for 2017

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As 2016 draws to a close, many people are thinking about New Year’s resolutions. As for me, I won’t be making any resolutions, as the word itself seems a bit presumptuous. We can make plans, but things have a way of turning out differently than we expect!

Nevertheless, I do have some things I hope to accomplish in the coming year. Some of these are serious goals; others are intended to be a little humorous. But they all represent a continuation of where I have been, and where I plan to go in the next year.

Here, then, are some of my goals for 2017:

1). Get my first book (which is already written) published, and finish writing my second one. Continue to write articles for this blog on a weekly basis.

2). Find a job that utilizes at least some of my skills for ministry – including pastoral care for those who are lonely, sick, or grieving.

3). Finish recording the third Streaking in Tongues (my band’s) album, and possibly also the fourth.

4). Find a church or faith community that I can call home.

5). Be a little less of a tool than I was this last year.

6). Start a small group for Bible study, prayer, and/or worship, where I can share spiritual insights I have learned over the last two years.

7). Develop some sort of exercise program that I can stick to. Recover from chronic pain issues enough to return to a full-time work schedule.

8). Knock the devil down another notch.

9). Change at least one person’s life for the better.

10). Nom the un-nommable noms.

11). Stop half-assing it and go full-on weird.

12). Continue to grow closer to the God of love, and learn how to love others more effectively.


This is kind of a long list, and I may not accomplish all these things in one year. But for those who are reading this, I do appreciate your support and encouragement. Next year, I will look at this list again and see how many of my goals have been met.



2 thoughts on “Further into the Odd: My Goals for 2017

  1. Happy New Year!
    Great ambitions – #12 being my favourite i’d hope to achieve also. Re: # 5 – remember that if it were not for ‘tools’ man would most likely still be monkeying around in forests! 🙂 For #6 – would that be off-line, on-line or both?



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