An Alternative Creation Story



In the beginning were Sophia and the Logos, and they were one with the Father, and together they were one God.

And God said, “It is good to be in community. Let us split into pieces, so that we may have a bigger family.”

And God split into pieces, billions of pieces did God split into. Some of these pieces became angels, and others the spirits of human beings and animals. And God saw that it was good.

And when the spiritual energy of these pieces was sufficiently condensed in various places, this gave rise to physical matter; and the universe was created. And God saw the universe, and behold, it was very good.

Over time, however, some of the pieces forgot their origin in God, and supposed themselves to be autonomous, self-sustaining individuals; and so it was that sin and suffering entered the creation.

Indeed, it was not long before the people and animals began to nom on one another; and the people even began to devour the creation that sustained them – and so sin gave birth to death.

But God was unwilling to leave the creation in this sorry state; and so a plan was made to bring the pieces back together.

Many prophets were sent out to announce this plan; but the world would not listen, and instead tortured and killed the messengers. This happened time and again, in many different cultures and places.

Finally God said, “Let us speak to the people more directly; perhaps then they will listen.” So the Logos entered the world a second time, this time concentrated in the life of a single person.

The Logos spoke out of the wisdom of the Father, and the wisdom of Sophia; and He announced to them once again the message that had been proclaimed by the prophets. And the Logos did not simply repeat the message; indeed, He lived it out in His every action.

But this was displeasing to the people, who wanted to remain isolated from their Source; and so they had the Logos Incarnate, the God-man, put to death.

Yet God did prevail, for death could not hold the Eternal Logos. Indeed, He rose from the dead, conquering death and sin once and for all; and with His resurrection came a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of Sophia.

And eventually, after many countless ages, the pieces began to see the futility of resisting the One that lived in them; and they were reconciled one to another.

And God was well-pleased with this and said, “Behold, I am one forevermore; and yet in my oneness I am many. Let us rejoice in the eternal communion.”


2 thoughts on “An Alternative Creation Story

  1. I love this. The story rings true to me, and moves my heart. I believe you are an inspired and profound person, and God is using you to remind us of what we once knew but forgot.

    All praise to Father, Son, Spirit — Abba, Logos, Sophia — even to the oneness and community in which we are rooted.

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